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Our Story so far

Ambitious plans are just that... big and exciting, always leading to adventure!

Founder & Owner

In our case, the adventure's now

grown into three main streams:

Frankie The Caravan, The Farm and Event Coordination

I actually started off really wanting to convert one of the old Melbourne Tramway buses (pictured here) on the farm into a café, as it’d be quite iconic out in the Yarra Valley with all of their antique character.

It seemed quite a huge task, so I went for a smaller option first.

After Pinterest-surfing for a while, we had a thought that converting an old caravan into a funky little travelling drinks bar would be a bit more achievable
in the short term.


After loads of hard work and craftsmanship

from a team of dedicated friends, FRANKIE THE CARAVAN was born.

Around the same time, just after we ran our first Sprout Fest on the farm, we saw the potential of renting out our spaces on the FARM, so I started to explore those options too.

I have grown up in a family where hospitality and opening our homes is in our genes, so opening up our family farm for others to enjoy only seemed natural - especially after how much everyone enjoyed their experience at Sprout Fest.


The Hangar was no longer being used as a workshop or storage for my late Great Uncles planes or yachts so it made sense to utilise it in another way. My husband and I were the first ones to have our wedding reception in The Hangar and our guests loved the relaxed vibe of being out in the country side and we loved having a space to make our own for our special day. While venue hunting for myself before we decided to have it at the farm, I saw just how special what we had at our own door step was.  

I am excited for the future and seeing our space continue to be transformed in a different way each time. I love meeting new people from all over and seeing them fall in love with what we have to offer. My heart has always been to bring it back to the farm so I'm excited to find more opportunities and build on what we have already started.

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